How to Build the Fastest Super-computer with low budget

Its time to have a new player in the super computer manufacturing arena.

Benefiting from the block-chain model and the bitcoin way of payment, a new company can be created to use it not to mine bitcoins, but to process functionality needed by the big companies/scientific world, and instead of paying for the use of the old supercomputers, the payment will go to the block-chain supercomputer, which will use all the PCs that are connected in the world, and allowed their PCs to be used for it, and in exchange they will be paid for that PC usage, this way scientific labs or corporations, can easily pay less amount, and all the processing of its functionality will be distributed to all the connected PCs.

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About Hussain Naji Hussain Al-Safafeer

Hussain Naji Hussain Al-Safafeer, Computer Developer (Programmer), about me تفصيل أكثر عني,
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