How to Design a better CPU Cooler

One of the main problems in minimizing the CPU Speed, is the heat factor.

So as a suggestion, manufacturers of air or liquid cooling fans or devices, is to make another layer under the CPU bed of the motherboard, and have holes in the mother board for the layer, this will surround the CPU in a sandwich style, of the cooling parts.

and depending on the PC case, there can be a possibility to add another small fan, under the metal of the lower layer.

so, on the illustration above:

1. CPU main fan

2. the CPU

3.Metal plate that will be connected to the heat sink body, with heat transfer rods

4. room for a second underneath fan

This is sent to main CPU Heat sink manufacturers.


Sleeping wave or Harmony wave

Till someday, someone can discover a wave-length like the microwave, that instead of making the particles move a lot to generate heat, we will have a cooling wave that will stop these parts from moving, lets calling “Sleeping wave” or “Harmony wave”.




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